Accept Your Life…Love The One You’re With!

IMAG0775Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! So many of us are spending Valentine’s Day without a partner. There is no question that, this can be hard especially when bombarded by all the media hype. I want to propose that there is something powerful about accepting your life exactly as it is. I am not talking about being complacent and resigned. What I am talking about is an inspired level of self acceptance that says this is where I am right now and I am going to be present with my life as it is. There is a wonderful quote by the spiritual teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti : “If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are, undergoes a transformation.


Through unconditional acceptance we challenge negative voices that tell us we are a loser, not enough in some way. What if you looked around your life and gave thanks for what is working and for the love that is here now.  Soul mates come in all shapes, ages, sizes… and species. I feel blessed to have the constant companionship of my adorable dog, Ajna. She is not only a dear companion at home, but she is part of my healing practice as well.

She comes to work with me and makes it her job to comfort the people I work with by offering them complete acceptance, affection and a whole body lean as they unwrap some of their most difficult life riddles. She is the soul of comfort. It pleases me to see how many people look forward to cuddling her as they sit together in my big overstuffed love seat. Doctors, nurses, conscious capitalists, executive coaches, environmentalists, actors, psychologists, healers, film makers, home makers and activists melt into her with complete abandon and open into their child selves again.

I have to say, what would this world be without the pure consciousness, presence and innocence of animals? They mirror the best in us. I receive all kinds of valuable soul lessons from Ajna.  She offers me daily reminders to play regularly, to revel with complete abandon in the small and large pleasures of life and to forgive others, immediately. So this Valentine’s Day, I am giving thanks for my soul mate, Ajna, and choosing to… love the one I’m with! Greta

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