About Greta Bro

gretaGreta Bro is a visionary, an inspirational teacher,  psycho-spiritual mentor, sound and vibrational healer, singer/songwriter, poet, multi-media performance artist and writer.  Her message is simple yet profound. She teaches that the soul is a vast ocean of being and that humanity’s suffering is due to loss of connection to this sacred dimension that animates everything in existence.

Greta believes that humanity is undergoing a quantum leap, birthing on mass what many are calling, the divine human being. This soul-full human being is expanded, not defended and shut down, capable of great compassion, wisdom, forgiveness, resiliency, creativity, generosity and reverence for the living earth. She believes this is possible because of the re-emergence of the divine feminine that is re-harmonizing masculine and feminine energies in each of us. She is completing her first book, Passionate Wholeness: A Treatise of the Soul.  To learn more about Greta go to her website GretaBro.com

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