About Passionate Wholeness

IMAG1456Passionate Wholeness: A Treatise of the Soul addresses the immense opportunities of our era, the ultimate potential being, a massive, collective quantum leap in consciousness. We are entering a new developmental stage, undergoing a growth surge, that is enabling us to birth a more mature, compassionate, ethical and caring human being who naturally transforms human culture and seeks to restore the living earth.

In the book I discuss why this is happening at this time. I attribute it to a natural maturation process, a developmental leap that is happening in part because of the climate crisis and in part, because of the re-emergence of the feminine principle that is re-balancing masculine and feminine energies in all of us. This is a natural evolutionary recalibration that happens when any organism, system, culture or species is out of balance.

I also map out seven distinct stages that are essential to transforming one’s life. It begins with the development of a benevolent witness self, deepens with the commitment to unconditional self love, continues with psycho-spiritual healing and soul work that eliminates shame and toxic emotion so that we can expand into a greater truth, and live in deep inter-dependent, co-creation with every other being on earth. The journey to passionate wholeness culminates in self-knowledge and the creation of a poignant soul purpose birthed and co-created for the benefit of all.

I write about the vast sea of I Am-ness that is the soul. This multi-dimensional self travels the holographic universe through doorways that open between dimensions, reconciles opposites, heals inner and outer split, re-marries masculine and feminine energies and brings peace, loving awareness and inspiration to all undertakings. People who embody the loving awareness of the soul, walk this earth lightly, in tolerance, reverence, passion and peace. They contribute great works that span original art, to social healing, to new paradigms in medicine, education, agriculture, business, technological inventions and cutting edge awareness of our interdependence with all beings that helps restore balance to the living earth. These awakened souls help make those societal structures that perpetuate trauma and split…colonialism, racism, sexism and other forms of domination-subordination…obsolete.

I will be featuring change makers, social entrepreneurs, thought leaders and visionaries that are healing our world. Please check out my blog as well! Love on and on! Be unstoppable in your love! Greta Bro

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