Featured Changemakers

Screen shot 2015-02-08 at 5.16.15 PMTo know Glynn Lloyd CEO and founder of City Fresh and City Growers is to love him. He is a humble, inspired and brilliant man with a mission to make the Boston community healthier. At City Fresh Foods, they believe that everyone, regardless of economic status, ethnicity or race deserves access to nutrient-rich, great-tasting food. They support and strengthen local communities by delivering fresh, wholesome meals to organizations throughout the Boston area. They service elders, daycare’s and school’s with their freshly crafted traditional and ethnic meals. Everywhere they go, they educate and advocate for more nutritious food choices. They build sustainable careers for dedicated staff and local growers and, they are growing produce on converted urban vacant lots! Learn more about this remarkable man and the people he partners with at CityFresh.com. This is generous and sustainable culture at its best!

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