Solstice 2014

IMAG2088I decided, what better day to start my blog then on Solstice when light and dark once again shift in their ever spiraling dance through time. In my upcoming book, Passionate Wholeness, I write about the dawning of  new collective chapter that is happening because of the powerful re-balancing of feminine and masculine, dark and light energies, Pure Being and Pure Awareness, that is happening inside each of us, right now.

I describe an epiphany I have while in Paris visiting friends. I am awakened on my last night to the audible words, as if spoken by someone right next to my bed, “Light and dark are inexorably one, they cannot be separated.” These words then hurled me into a stream of epiphany. Here is the excerpt: “Dark the feminine principle and Light the masculine principle are betrothed. They are not warring political parties, caught in an endless battle of wits and wills, each seeking dominion over the other. They are divine partners, sublimely wed in an ecstatic dance of creation, destruction and recreation. Dark and Light are energetic forces that regenerate each other. Ancient lovers who quicken and compliment, deepen and stimulate, inspire and nurture, witness and experience each others evolution, thus, moving everything in the seen and unseen universe in and out of creation.”

The essential nature of Dark is Pure Being. At its core is the impulse towards stillness and oneness with the unfolding now. It is the fertile void, the source of all things. It holds within it infinite possibilities and the space and context within which life unfolds. The fertile Dark does not discriminate. It holds, embraces, nourishes and identifies with and connects all expressions of life. Intuition and a ‘felt sense’ or gnosis are what allow us to navigate the terrain of the Dark. The dark cycles and seasons restore us to balance. What is active becomes still and restores, and that which is latent gestates and emerges. When people are separated from the regenerative power or Pure Being the customs and institutions of that culture become stagnate, dogmatic and simplistic.

The essential nature of Light is Pure Awareness. It observes, seeks insight and understanding. It is also the active principle. Light creates movement and stimulates expression and flow. With Light comes choice and individuation. Light, Pure Awareness, stimulates chi, ignites insight and liberates the potential within the dark so that it may arise as new direction and develop into full expression.Too much light though, and life moves at the speed of mind separated from the organic rhythms of life on Earth. We become  antiseptic, afraid of our own emotions and cut off from our origins in the natural world. Pure Being pulls us back into connection with life. When Light is not balanced by Dark it expresses itself as unrest, impulsive activity and addiction, alienated from the quite that would re-balance and stimulate awareness of new choices. Without the cycles of the dark we cannot successfully reflect on our impulses and so, we stay stuck in habitual patterns of thinking and doing.

Happy Solstice Everyone! A poem for you… Greta Bro

Solstice Planting

In the cycle of early winter
When night yawns wide
And the membrane between worlds
Grows porous and thin
Kernels of inspiration
Release from holy sources and
Seek the voluptuous folds
Of fertile imagination
Fleeting moments of clarity
Mark this sacred event
Where Heaven and Earth unite
Ancient passageways unlock and align
Granting access to subterranean growing fields
Far below the frost line of survival mind
Here tucked safely away from doubts and chatter
Vision swells and germinates into blueprints of knowing
Highways of instruction so powerful that in time
They thrust the individual irreversibly
out of fear’s quick sand of complacency,
And plant her feet steadfastly
On the road to the new world.
by Greta Bro 2003


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