Unconditional Love


Unconditional love is the core of Love. We can only build unconditional love in this world by first cultivating it within ourselves. We do this through allowing universal Love to enter us through doorways of perception that open in the heart and mind. This opening happens spontaneously during moments of deep connection with loved ones, or in meditation, prayer and reverie in nature. We open into an expanded state of being, touch a greater reality and momentarily drop defenses and find ourselves loving purely. It is when the defenses of survival mind drop (commonly known as the ego) that we can open into the great sea of Love that is the Infinite. This field of Love surrounds us all the time. It nourishes and sustains us and awaits our intimate exploration.

When we dare to follow the Divine invitation to open beyond defenses we find unconditional Love. It rolls through us as a great feeling of well-being and often stirs profound levels of gratitude. We understand in that moment that there is infinite forgiveness, infinite doorways that allow all of us to try again, and again, and again until we reach a new threshold of understanding, mastery and wisdom. Unconditional love means we understand that we deserve forgiveness and when we begin practicing that within ourselves, create a fertile garden of love within our minds and hearts, then we begin to understand that everyone deserves forgiveness, and the chance to grow and turn around their mistakes.

All children and adolescents need and deserve unconditional Love and support. When parents and educators practice unconditional Love inside themselves in the form of  self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness then it is natural to offer this higher form of Love to the children for which they care and our responsible. Children who are loved and instructed with unconditional Love and acceptance become confident, curious, creative, bold, collaborative, independent , empathetic and loving.  They experience unconditional self-love and are able to offer compassion and unconditional love to the people and animals around them.

A Prayer: Divine Source open channels of Love within me that become so wide and so deep that criticism and condemnation are erased from my heart and mind. Help me to release all remnants of self-judgment and self-hate so that I may be a fountain of unconditional love to others  that they too may find you within themselves.

May peace, compassion and wisdom abound on this beautiful Earth!!  Greta

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